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How dental labs can increase output by 3x with 3D printing and save up to 80% on initial investment

Many dental labs still produce removable parts like temporary, partial, and full dentures manually. They often suffer from too many working hours for the lab team, unhappy customers because of delayed delivery and eventually loss of revenue if demand cannot be satisfied. In this article, you will learn how you can triple the output with the same team. Learn more about a market-leading 3D printing system saving you up to 80% on initial investment. We can assess your unique challenges in a complimentary consultation with experts and provide insight into how to switch easily to digital workflows in your dental lab.

The problem: Why dental labs with manual production of dentures face high cost and competitive pressure
Many dental labs must improve efficiency in the face of high cost and competitive pressure in the industry, exacerbated by the market entry of bigger lab groups. As the majority of dental labs still produce removable parts like temporary, partial, and full dentures manually, patients must repeatedly return to their dentists for adjustments.

Because of this time-consuming process, many dental labs are often not able to fulfil demand, resulting in unhappy customers, loss of revenue and potential new clients. Delivering with delay may additionally lead to extra effort and stress for complaint handling plus customer loss. In consequence, the frustration of the dental lab team increases because of too many working hours and stress – also because of complaint handling – which limits the management resources as well.

In the past, switching to a digital dental workflow has been easier said than done: Often the design software was complicated, scanners were expensive, and available 3D printers were either marketed as “hobby printer” or complex, prone to production failure resulting in downtimes and just very costly with initial investments of 80,000 Euro or so. Furthermore, intensive training would be required, aggravating the problem in times of staff shortage even more as staff cannot be replaced easily.

Nowadays, dental labs can escape this vicious circle, increase margins, and offer patients faster treatment with fewer visits.

The solution: How dental labs can increase their output by 3X with the same team by switching to digital manufacturing
Did you know that in comparison with conventional manual processes, your dental lab team can triple its output with digital manufacturing? The NextDent® 5100 facilitates high-speed 3D printing for production of dental appliances like orthodontic and prosthodontic models, splints, trays, and sacrificial castings. Producing crowns, bridges and dentures with 3D printing is the easiest way to increase margins and speed up delivery. 3D Systems offers 14 materials in more than 30 colors, the broadest range of consumables in the market.

Advanced print technology of the NextDent® 5100 in combination with a range of dental materials and compatibility with leading dental software is transforming dental workflows. This enables dental labs and clinics to produce trays, models (orthodontic/prosthodontic), surgical guides, dentures, orthodontic splints, crowns and bridges with enhanced speed, precision, efficiency and lower cost.

To learn more about the NextDent® 5100, please contact us here.

How dental labs save up to 80% of initial investment
Dental labs can gain a competitive edge with same-day delivery: As with the NextDent® 5100 they can print up to 26 models simultaneously in less than two hours or four to six denture bases in a similar printing cycle.

In comparison to conventional milling of crowns and bridges, dental labs save up to 60% on material usage and costs. Parallel production in 3D allows up to 6x more output per hour than milling.

With the NextDent® 5100, dental labs save up to 80% of initial investment. Already after 100 dentures the entire investment of dental labs in 3D printing can been amortized. After implementation dental labs should calculate yearly support costs of just 200 EUR per device. “0% financing” and “pay per use” models can be provided.

Find out how to get started:
Empowering your dental lab with the NextDent® 5100 and switching to a digital workflow will not require any extra effort before your printer arrives. It is a “plug & play” solution including a free online training on how to use the printer and the software. The system is 100% compatible with all industry standards of oral scanners and software solutions. You can start 3D printing the same day.

A typical use case would look like this:

  • The dental lab sends a STL data set – e.g., a model situation – to the 3D Sprint software.
  • The software positions the data sets automatically with minor manual support virtually in the build platform.
  • The user selects the material and holds the QR code of the material bottle up to the printer’s QR code reader.
  • The printer creates the corresponding parameters.
  • The user fills the selected material into the tray, confirms and starts the printing process.

Get started with a free, no-obligations expert consultation:
Together with you, we will assess your company’s potential. You will learn:

  • How other dental labs have successfully utilized our 3D printer NextDent® 5100
  • Which best practice approaches can benefit your company
  • Why we believe to be a suitable partner for your dental challenges

Above all, we prioritize establishing a personal connection so that you can make an informed assessment of our capabilities. Would you like to learn more?

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