Dental Laboratories and Clinics

Valuable asset

NextDent CE-certified and biocompatible 3D printing materials for dental applications are a valuable asset to dental clinics and dental laboratories! Models, splints, surgical guides, crowns, bridges, dentures and more. Exactly designed to a patient’s needs. All of these applications ready to be used, manufactured on 3D printers. Is this the future? For many dental clinics and laboratories this is already everyday reality!

Fast and high degree of precision

3D printing is one of the fastest crowing technologies worldwide and has made his way into the dental field as well. This is no wonder, because dental 3D printing has some huge advantages. The 3D printing process is fast and a high degree of precision can be achieved. On top of that the 3D printing process is efficient. The process is low on material costs when compared to milling or even the conventional methods. The process is fast and will save you money when it comes to labour. Making sure you will have a quick return off investment.

Increase revenue

Digital workflow enables dental clinics and laboratories to optimise their production. With user friendly software a design is made within a matter of minutes. These designs are then printed with the NextDent dental 3D printing material suitable for the application. Printing is fast since most printers are able to print multiple designs at ones. Because you have the possibility to print 24/7, dental clinics and laboratories can generate a bigger revenue. Simple operations and the digitalisation will also lead to a reduction in errors.

Endless possibilities

NextDent offers unlimited possibilities for laboratory managers, dental technicians, dental prosthetic technicians and clinical prosthetists/orthotists. NextDent’s mission is to support you, as our client, in transforming your practice from a low-tech, traditional workplace to a high-tech dental 3D printing work environment. We are focussing on custom-made solutions. Let’s team up to print the future of dental technology together!

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